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Daniel, Tradesman

Seven years ago, I reached breaking point.  I was feeling the burden of everyday pressures, including money, work and family, and was not happy with my life.  I was achieving things that I thought would make me happy but all these things were adding stress. I thought: “I’m not here to just worry and die.”

After starting the meditation, my life drastically changed for the better.  I just became happier, and happier.  You can learn to do it even when your at work. Before I would get stressed, but now I am in control of my mind…my mind isn’t controlling me and my thoughts aren’t running away, making the suffering.  


Hayley, Mother

Prior to meditation, we had achieved everything, but still we were not content.  Everything we achieved together actually made things more stressful.  The meditation has helped me to self-reflect and be more in control of my life.

Our three children are also doing the meditation. They were initially skeptical to try meditation but now they enjoy it and want to meditate.  It’s a huge safety net for them.  The pressures they face in life, including sport, school and friends, are easier to manage now.  


Ireland (13 years old)

My brothers and I used to fight a lot but now that we all discard our minds about each other we now appreciate each other. My family enjoy doing things together and we are all much happier to be together.


 Cassidy (11 years old)

I have become a lot calmer and less stressed from meditation.  I used to not listen to my parents…now I can see all my thoughts, and the bad stuff I was doing.  Now my minds a lot clearer there’s a lot less stuff I’m worried about. If someone says something mean to me, I don’t worry.

I’ve been really happy now and have been doing my work really good.  


Evan (10 years old)

Before I meditated I was always getting into trouble and fights at school. I was so stubborn.  I would feel jealous of what my friends had and I never appreciated what I had. 


Daniel & Hayley & kids / Mandurah, WA
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How has this meditation helped you?  This meditation takes you completely out of yourself. The nonsense of daily life is put into clear perspective. You are energised, motivated, gain a peace and joy you have only dreamt of.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of starting or has just started?  If you are thinking of starting, stop thinking and just start. If you have already started keep going it just gets better and better.

Unexpected benefit?  An unexpected bonus of the combination of the meditation and the Self Balancing Food is that after 10 years of no hair growth, it is now growing again.



Thelma / Retired Nurse / Mandurah, WA
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Paul 29052018


Paul warnbro 29052018Why did you start meditation?

I started this meditation to quieten my mind from constantly planning for my future or thinking about events from my past. I felt that my over busy mind was draining the physical energy from my body.

What has changed the most for you since starting the meditation?

Since doing this meditation I feel I have become more confident and clear in my decision making. I am able to make decisions without all the questions, doubts and worry that used to flood into my mind at these times.

How has meditation helped you with everyday life?

I have also gained valuable  “tools in the box”  to help resolve interactions with  people in my work and personal  life. I am able to accept decisions that I may not initially agree with and move on from that negative mind effortlessly whereas in the past I would have constantly played these situations over and over in my mind and been totally unaware that I was doing it.

Anything you would like to say to people who are thinking of starting?

Doing this meditation doesn’t mean I have to shave my head and go live in the mountains. I have the freedom to do whatever I want with my life but I do it with an awareness of mind that I never had before I started meditating. I truly understand why I have ended up in difficult situations in my past and why I had reacted the way I did at that time. Now I live a far more uncomplicated life thanks to this method of meditating.

Paul / Electrician / Mandurah, WA
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