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I started this meditation because I didn’t understand this life. I grew up with drugs and alcohol around me. I was unhappy but I didn’t know how to change.

After doing this meditation, I am free from the pain, stress, worries, depression, anxiety and completely understand the purpose of my existence. I encourage everyone to try this meditation.

Erin’s background story:

Before the meditation she was living from place to place with no stable job or income and had two young children.  Erin went to a meditation seminar at the Mandurah Accent 5 years ago and was waiting outside before the doors even opened. After the seminar, she started straight away.

Erin’s life took a change for the better.  Once she started discarding her mind, thoughts and habits, her insecurities, depression and anxiety lifted away.  From here she successfully and confidently changed her life for good.  Now she has a full-time job, which she loves.  Erin is widely acknowledged at her workplace for her positivity, diligence and hard work.  She is also part of the CULTURAL Diversity Committee because of her indigenous background and she is now involved in the Indigenous Reconciliation Plan.  Erin has shared her inspiring story to many people including the women at Hakea prison giving them hope that one day they can also do this.



Erin / Mother & Full-time worker / Mandurah, WA
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ICE 25052018

Youth Meditation


Evan computer

Before I meditated I was always getting into trouble and fights at school. I was so stubborn.  I would feel jealous of what my friends had and I never appreciated what I had.

When I meditate I appreciate everyone at the centre.  I can talk to them because they are open- minded and I love everyone there like a family.

Our family has changed because we never usually argue but if we do we can forgive each other.  We treat each other how we would want to be treated.

My favourite activity is media, editing and photography.  My favourite sport is football and I love listening to music.

My favourite food is Enchiladas and pizza.  I love to cook food to.

Evan 10 yrs old





cass soccer

The meditation changed my attitude and maturity, especially when speaking to adults, teachers and friends.

What I like about the meditation is that it is calming, peaceful and quiet, which gives me time to reflect and discard.

It builds up energy inside me which makes me feel energetic and happy.

I love football, being with my friends and Xbox.

Cass 11yrs old





Ireland 30052018I became happier and didn’t feel as stressed about school and everyday life.   I reflected more on my actions and noticed everything I was doing.

 You can get rid of your thoughts and worries. I feel lighter and happier.  No matter how bad your day has been you can go and discard everything.

My brothers and I used to fight a lot but now that we all discard our minds about each other we now appreciate each other. My family enjoy doing things together and we are all much happier to be together.

My favourite activity is looking after horses and horse-riding.

My favourite food is Pizza

Ireland 13yrs old




Kids / Mandurah, WA
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Paul 29052018


Paul warnbro 29052018Why did you start meditation?

I started this meditation to quieten my mind from constantly planning for my future or thinking about events from my past. I felt that my over busy mind was draining the physical energy from my body.

What has changed the most for you since starting the meditation?

Since doing this meditation I feel I have become more confident and clear in my decision making. I am able to make decisions without all the questions, doubts and worry that used to flood into my mind at these times.

How has meditation helped you with everyday life?

I have also gained valuable  “tools in the box”  to help resolve interactions with  people in my work and personal  life. I am able to accept decisions that I may not initially agree with and move on from that negative mind effortlessly whereas in the past I would have constantly played these situations over and over in my mind and been totally unaware that I was doing it.

Anything you would like to say to people who are thinking of starting?

Doing this meditation doesn’t mean I have to shave my head and go live in the mountains. I have the freedom to do whatever I want with my life but I do it with an awareness of mind that I never had before I started meditating. I truly understand why I have ended up in difficult situations in my past and why I had reacted the way I did at that time. Now I live a far more uncomplicated life thanks to this method of meditating.

Paul / Electrician / Mandurah, WA
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