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I started this meditation because I didn’t understand this life. I grew up with drugs and alcohol around me. I was unhappy but I didn’t know how to change.

After doing this meditation, I am free from the pain, stress, worries, depression, anxiety and completely understand the purpose of my existence. I encourage everyone to try this meditation.

Erin’s background story:

Before the meditation she was living from place to place with no stable job or income and had two young children.  Erin went to a meditation seminar at the Mandurah Accent 5 years ago and was waiting outside before the doors even opened. After the seminar, she started straight away.

Erin’s life took a change for the better.  Once she started discarding her mind, thoughts and habits, her insecurities, depression and anxiety lifted away.  From here she successfully and confidently changed her life for good.  Now she has a full-time job, which she loves.  Erin is widely acknowledged at her workplace for her positivity, diligence and hard work.  She is also part of the CULTURAL Diversity Committee because of her indigenous background and she is now involved in the Indigenous Reconciliation Plan.  Erin has shared her inspiring story to many people including the women at Hakea prison giving them hope that one day they can also do this.



Erin / Mother & Full-time worker / Mandurah, WA
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Before I started this meditation, I always felt depressed and stressed, but I didn’t really know why. I felt directionless and had a nagging feeling that there was no point to anything I did.

I achieved a lot and became top of my class and went to a top university. When I got to university and was surrounded by the best students, the real top achievers, my self esteem deflated and I realized just how deep my inferiority really was.  No matter what I achieved inside I never felt good enough. I fell into a self-destructive spiral and became emotionally numb.

I searched for answers in hundreds of self-help books, hypnotism, group therapy, yoga, whatever I could find.  But this only made me even more depressed, becoming more self-aware of my thoughts and behavior, but not really having any clear method for how to discard them.

What really attracted me to this meditation, was the idea of emptying the mind. Coming from a family of hoarders, I always knew the importance of not accumulating too much, that everything becomes a burden if you can’t let go. My mind was the same. It felt full, like there was no space to breathe, no place to even sit down.

Now that I have meditated, I feel like there is air and light again in the room; it has become more comfortable to exist there and there is space to move around. I feel more confident and open with people, and there is a feeling of hope and purpose for the future. My life has direction and meaning again; it has been a true miracle.  I never expected my life would change so much just by doing this meditation, but it really has.

For anyone who feels like their mind is full, like your life feels meaningless and directionless, you are in the perfect place to begin this meditation. If you are seeking freedom, but don’t know where to find it, this is the place.  Even though it can be difficult, just like cleaning your house, it is something that needs to be done.  You will feel so much happier and freer afterwards. True freedom begins in the mind, and slowly I am becoming more and more free. If this speaks to you, please give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Thank you for the people and teachers for helping me through a tough time and giving me hope and strength.  Everyone is amazing!

Ruby / Teacher / Mandurah, WA
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No more insomnia




I was bullied back in high school and I put immense pressure on myself to respond to it, which resulted in unbearable anxiety, poor sleep quality and insomnia.  When I was older, I worked as a civil engineer and my sleep continued to deteriorate. My sleep quality and insomnia were so severe that at times I couldn’t focus on what I was doing.  I took medication to help deal with the anxiety and I also tried different meditations.  Although these helped, progress was slow and I still struggled a lot with fatigue.

After starting at Mandurah Meditation, I noticed a major difference, making more progress and eliminating more stress in months than in my previous eight years of meditation.  It is so powerful having a method that really gets rid of the anxiety; in fact I am off the medication.  And more recently even my sleep quality and insomnia have been improving – rapidly.

I have been able to make far better decisions at work and in life and have recently joined the Labor Party. I even feel much more excited and positive about my work. My team members have noticed the changes in me. I no longer feel bitter or angry towards the people and events in my life, not only because those thoughts and feelings aren’t there anymore but also because I would not have met this method otherwise.  I’ve told my family and work colleagues all about this amazing meditation – it comes so naturally!  I have finally found my purpose.  I am much more at peace, knowing exactly the direction I am heading in – up.

If you are already seeking help because of your mind, you are already a wonderful person. This method actually works.  Otherwise, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Unimaginable happiness is right here but obscured by your mind. I really had no idea how effective this meditation would be at uncovering true happiness, the true self. It’s only while you’re doing it that you can fully appreciate it – you get the benefit as you go. Even if it takes a while, there really is nothing else worth substituting it with.


Background story of Chris’ struggle with anxiety and insomnia

At the time when I was bullied back in high school, I thought, ‘wouldn’t it be great if I didn’t care? Then it wouldn’t matter!’ I knew that it was in fact the anxiety itself that was the issue – it was my own mind.  I therefore tried to get rid of the anxiety, but couldn’t.  Then, one day, the anxiety simply disappeared; I was flabbergasted.  However, it returned shortly after and from that point on, I went out of my way to figure out what had happened, why and how to replicate the removal of the anxiety.  It became an obsession.

The insomnia severely affected my work and  I was made redundant as a civil engineer.  I saw a doctor about sleep disturbance and anxiety and I was put on antidepressant medication. It was very effective, blocking almost all the anxiety and putting me in a good mood.  It was also at this time that I first tried different meditations.

I decided that getting a job was too difficult at this point in time, so instead I started a Masters by Research.  The medication wasn’t without its side-effects.  While I was working on my Masters, the medication was so effective on anxiety I hardly worked on it for a whole year, which greatly frustrated my supervisor!  So, in order to finish, I came off it. The motivation returned, but with it the anxiety and obsession. I continued meditating with great diligence.

After finishing my Masters, I landed a job with the local government of Port Hedland. However, the anxiety and sleep issues again took their toll and I was struggling to keep up with the immense workload, especially as expectations were mounting. I was even struggling to keep up with my daily routine, where I was trying to do everything in order to be perfect. I was eating healthy, going to the gym and doing different meditations. There was some progress with these meditations but it was very slow. I therefore tried to figure out my own mind once again and also tried ‘Mindfulness: A Practical Guide to Finding Peace in a Frantic World’ which seemed to work better but was still very slow.

I went back on anti-anxiety medication and started seeing a psychiatrist after finding out I would be made redundant again.  I moved back to Mandurah and got a job with the City of Mandurah. I got a fair amount of work done thanks to the medication and my prior experience but still wanted to improve on my sleep quality. I still felt fatigue to some degree.  This is when I found out about Mandurah Meditation.  Since then, I haven’t looked back!

Chris / Engineer / Mandurah, WA
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