WA Meditation Experiences


Renee, Mandurah Meditation

Before I started at Mandurah Meditation I felt very lost and my mind was very chaotic, restless, never satisfied, confused and often sad. Alcohol and travelling were my vices to escape my mind. I often thought the world was strange and futile, questioning why humans live with wars and suffering on a tiny planet orbiting in space.

During the introduction seminar, the answers to all the questions I had about life became so obvious. It was so simple: we live inside our own picture world which is false. Even after a few sessions, I felt some temporary relief. The more I meditated the more the world became brighter and more beautiful and the more a sense of peace and joy would appear. Not only did the method help immensely with my mental state, I also came to realize why we are here and who our true selves are; not knowing these answers caused a lot of stress and confusion prior.

I strongly urge every human being to try this unique and special method  and follow it to the end.  If you don’t, you will never experience the true beauty of existence. So stop being scared of the unknown, the only thing you have to lose is your stress and confusion.

I am so very grateful to the method to show me the real beautiful world that was hidden under my emotional and mental garbage. So very thankful to all the helpers and teachers that devote their whole lives and hearts to helping people free themselves from their own pointless mind worlds.

Also thank you to all the amazing real friends I have found here, everyone becomes a true friend the moment you step through the door.

I hope soon everyone can cleanse their minds and we all live in harmony with eternal peace and limitless joy.



Catherine, Mandurah Meditation

I started at Mandurah Meditation about 2 years ago. At that time I was very sad and depressed, young single mum. I felt I was suffocating with the responsibility of looking after a child and wanting to still have that freedom I felt I had lost. The first brochure I got was at the local library and then a couple of months later I grabbed another at the clothes shop and decided to go for a seminar. After hearing the seminar I started straight away.

After 2 months of following the method, I confirmed level 1. It was everything, knowing the universe is me, my mind is false and I am living as a picture in a false world. Knowing that I really needed to do this study until the end. Going through the levels I experienced ups and downs however I knew it was just my mind and it needed to be discarded. You just need to follow the method, discard and realization comes naturally.

Please stop suffering in your picture world. Come and try this method of meditation; come out of your stress and burden live as who you truly are with true joy, freedom, liberation and happiness.

Thank you to the method!

I am eternally grateful

Erin, Mandurah Meditation

Erin’s background story: Before the meditation she was living from place to place with no stable job or income and had two young children.  Erin went to a meditation seminar at the Mandurah Accent 5 years ago and was waiting outside before the doors even opened. After the seminar, she started straight away.

Erin’s life took a change for the better.  Once she started discarding her mind, thoughts and habits, her insecurities, depression and anxiety lifted away.  From here she successfully and confidently changed her life for good.  Now she has a full-time job, which she loves.  Erin is widely acknowledged at her workplace for her positivity, diligence and hard work.  She is also part of the CULTURAL Diversity Committee because of her indigenous background and she is now involved in the Indigenous Reconciliation Plan.  Erin has shared her inspiring story to many people including the women at Hakea prison giving them hope that one day they can also do this.



Isabelle, Mandurah Meditation

Circumstances cross our paths for a reason and things come to us at the right time.  Words cannot describe how I feel right now, compared to how I felt 5 months ago.

Eighteen months before, my world spiraled out of control and eventually I hit rock bottom. I started searching for answers, solutions and a way out. The universe presented to me this meditation method -The cure to all- for which I am truly grateful.

The method is so easy and so simple that anyone can do it. Finding how to live truly is amazing. Discarding repeatedly is the essence of truly finding one’s true self and finding happiness. I am eternally grateful to the teacher for if it were not for him this method would not be possible.

I am sincerely grateful to the helpers at the Mandurah Meditation center for their dedication, support and encouragement on this wonderful journey. When you walk into the center you are welcomed with vibrant energy. It is so calm, peaceful and tranquil that you don’t want to leave. You see lots of people busy doing things or just relaxing yet you get the feeling that it is all one mind, one family.



Sophia, Mandurah Meditation

When my mother first started this meditation I noticed that every time she came home from meditation she had changed and started to become a better person. One day I was feeling curious about this meditation so I asked my mother and she replied that she would show me the following day.

She brought me to an introduction and I realized that this meditation method could change my life and make me a better person and so from then on I started to do meditation. After every session my mind would feel as if it was infinite and free. After 50 sessions I was asked a question that I couldn’t answer, but one time when I was alone at home I sat down outside and I meditated very deeply as I listened to the birds chirping and the leaves rustling and the answer finally came to me.

I realized so many things while doing this meditation and that makes me so grateful to the method. At the start of level 2, I had a list of people that I hated and the list was so very long.  Over time, I started to realize that I had no reason to hate these people and I was truly sorry.   I can’t even imagine what kind of person I would be without this meditation method but most likely I would be very stressed.

Before I started the meditation, I was always blaming others for my own actions.  For example, one time when I was 3 years old I went to Thailand and pooed the bed.  In the morning, after mum had rolled in it, I blamed it on this mysterious bear figure accusing it of coming into our room and deliberately pooing in our bed and then leaving.  For a second, my mother actually believed me.  Ever since then anything that happens has always been the fault of the mysterious bear that comes in the night. But now after doing this meditation I know that everything is my fault (not the bear’s) and for that I am grateful for the method of throwing away.